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Llewellyn Thomas
Landscape architect | Architectural visualiser | Lecturer 

My mission is to streamline and enrich design development by sharing my processes and knowledge with others. 
I lecture at degree level and run numerous software courses for a range of abilities, interests and industries. 

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Featured courses


Mission : Pickup Sketchup 
Take your first step into 3D and turn a 2D plan design into a 3D model using SketchUp.
Course length : 6 hours 
Course fees : £275 per person | Group discounts are available. 


Mission : Watercolour graphics

Create a simple 3D model in SketchUp to use as a base for watercolour graphics in Photoshop. 
Course length : 8 hours
Course fees : £380 per person | Group discounts are available.


"I started with limited knowledge of Sketchup and struggled learning through online resources. After a series of one-to-one sessions with Llewellyn, I now have confidence to use the software. Each lesson was fun, simple to process and tailored to my particular industry. I highly recommend it."

Landscape architect 


Mission : Levelup Sketchup
Level up your Sketchup by using powerful extensions which make the most of your workflow and enable you to work with larger models.
Course length : 4 hours 
Course fees : £195 per person | Group discounts are available. 


"I was a complete beginner when Llewellyn started tutoring me Sketchup, but after a handful of sessions I'd managed to complete a whole project on my own with his advice. Really great lessons and so glad I reached out."

Gallery curator 

"My one-to-one lessons with Llewellyn were excellent. The lessons are designed to the level of knowledge of each student and helped me improve my skills in Sketchup, guiding me through software and presenting intelligent and efficient ways to execute tasks. Llewellyn's communication is clear and he's also very patient. he is very knowledgeable and demonstrates his vast experience with 3D software. I highly recommend him."

Senior Landscape architect 


Can the courses be tailored to my individual needs and industry requirements? 
Yes. I tailor each course to my students specific needs and industry.

How are the courses carried out? 
In most cases, my students prefer to learn practically by using the software on an appropriate live project. If they don't have an appropriate project, I use one of my own. 

What are the formats of the courses?  
Each course can be split into sessions or run in one block over a day. Usually I advise that the courses be split into no more than 2 hour sessions for maximum effect. 

Where do the courses take place? 
Our office has dedicated private teaching spaces which are available to my students, but I'm happy to travel to you also. Any travelling time outside of Brighton will be charged at an hourly rate of £30/hr.


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