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About us 

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Llewellyn Thomas

Creative director

First and foremost I am a designer.

As such, I approach all our projects from a designers' perspective.
For me the design comes first and the graphics we produce follow in its footsteps.

With each of our clients, I consider how we can add value and improve their lives.
We showcase the beauty of design, provide insight to detailed design decisions, and transport the viewer into their finished project.

Our collaborators

A collaborative R&D space that brings creative technology innovators together.

The fusebox is our base of operations, and home to many of our collaborators. The fusebox gives us unlimited access to the latest digital technology and hardware, which enables us to stay at the cutting edge of our industry: 

- Immersive suite with access to all the latest immersive tech. 
- Green room 
- Photogrammetry and 3D scannning equipment


we fly, so you don't have to...

Duncan produces photography, film and aerial footage by drone for the commerical and residential land and property sector. We collaborate with Duncan to produce CGI which is camera matched and superimposed into real-world footage and photography. 


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